My current list of beta problems (7398)
Problem reported by Robert Simpson - 4/1/2020 at 8:04 AM
  • I have at least one client using Exchange MAPI on a very large mailbox, and is having to right-click his Inbox, go to Properties, and hit "clear offline items" at least once a week to get it to start syncing again.  It will just randomly stop syncing.  It's only sync'ing 1 month.  His other computers reading the same account (including his Mac) are fine over IMAP.
  • MailService.exe memory usage is through the roof.  >2gb of memory allocated right now.  I'm having to stop the service and restart it every few days.  This has been an ongoing problem since the beginning.
  • My custom rules don't seem to be firing
  • MAPI log size when set to detailed is ASTRONOMICAL.  Unusable, unsearchable, and that's with only 2 users on MAPI.  I have an 18gb log file from yesterday.

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