How Do You Propogate Spam Settings in Current SM Versions?
Question asked by Brian Davidson - 3/25/2020 at 3:27 AM
In the latest versions of SmarterMail (> 16) how do you propagate spam settings? I can't find specific instructions in SM help nor find it anywhere!


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Brian, in System Admin > Antispam > Options in the ... menu is an Export Spam Settings option.  This will generate a JSON file that you can then import into another install.  I hope this helps.
Brian Davidson Replied
Hi Robert - 

I appreciate your reply. However I was looking for how to propogate spam setting changes for low/medium/high spam settings down to domains which have custom settings in place. Sorry for the confusion and lack of clarity on my part!

John Marx Replied
I think it's a manual process rather than automatic. So what Robert gave are the steps you need to do.

We only have one server (today) and I can agree that having this as automatically flowing would be great. I would suggest putting in a feature request.
Brian Davidson Replied
Yeah, right now the only way I can update an individual domain is to go to the domain's Spam Filtering settings, untangle the "Override Actions for this Domain", then re-toggle it to bring in the system wide updated settings. It's not very efficient!
Jack. Replied
I use the SmarterMail API and add an IP (or range) to the Smartermail blacklist on all my servers. It works very well and I automatically block spam originating from IPs that I have identified. 

Sébastien Riccio Replied
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Brian, I guess what you try to achieve is to propagate the actions related to low/med/high spam classification.

When domains and users have no custom settings it herits the system wide configuration for these options.

However if they have custom settings, i think there is no way to propagate new settings to all the domains. I thought it was in domain defaults -> propagate option, but can't see these options in there.

However if what you want is to have all domains use the same settings (system-wide settings) you can maybe disable this:

Sébastien Riccio
System & Network Admin

Brian Davidson Replied
Thanks Sebastian - that does seem like the best solution right now!

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