Improve anti-spam experience for end user
Problem reported by Thu Nguyen - 3/13/2020 at 11:22 PM
I have a problem that when I see a message my friend sent and it's in spam box.
I move that mail to inbox (and wants system understand that sender is safe, valid).
But next time when my friend send another mail, it continue to go spam box.

Can we update to make it auto (same action like Trust Sender, Block Sender):
When user move a mail:
- From spam box to Inbox => That mean add that sender to safe list.
- From inbox to spam box => that mean remove that sender from safe list, add that sender to blacklist (blocked).
- If this action can apply to mail client like outlook, thunderbird, mobile app that will be perfect.

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echoDreamz Replied
I really wish SM had some reporting too. IE, when a user moves or marks an email as spam, to also do a copy into some system level spam folder if a user marks a message as not spam to report a copy of the email to a ham folder.

This is how we used to train our external anti-spam gateways, but this was removed a while back.

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