Admin has option to configure not to allow sub folder under default Inbox and sent items
Idea shared by Gilbert Li - 3/13/2020 at 12:25 PM
I suggest that smartermail can be configured with domains 
not to allow email account to create sub folder under Inbox and Sent items.
User can create folder under root folder instead.
I have some accounts with folder.json corrupted and not sure if it is due to the outlook program.
Plus with IMAP setup, sync folders for Inbox and Sent Items will be better without additional sub folders. 
Thanks for Kyle and Tony for their ongoing great support.

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Yes, something similar to this is in progress. Check out and vote for this thread:

I suggest SmarterMail admin can configure so that domain users cannot create sub folder at Inbox and Sent Items.
This will improve the IMAP sync a lot and less management for admin.

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