Integrate libreoffice into Smarter mail, improve enterprise functions
Idea shared by Thu Nguyen - 3/11/2020 at 11:28 AM
Hi Tim Uzzanti,
I'm a new guy here with Smarter Mails after 6 months of consideration/evaluation, from MailEnable, IceWarp, MDameon, IMail... and then finally with SmarterMail.
But I believe my selection is quite correct, from product quality, usability, reasonable price, renew price, add-on anti-spam...

But, when I deploy SmarterMail to sell to my customer, compare to other solutions I see that SmarterMail lack of Office online (Compare to GSuite, Office365, Zoho).
Can you integrate libreoffice as an add-on, that will be great to use all common office tasks inside SmarterMail, and my customers will forget GSuite + Office 365 +Zoho.

Also, other functions need to improve to be more easier (Check ticket 05B-25F9348B-0045), like online chat, team workspace.

I think these changes are more important than creating a Linux version for Smartermail. Let's focus on the end user who use SmarterMail first.

Thank you very much!

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