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Problem reported by Martin Schaible - 2/19/2020 at 4:50 PM

A person deleted the content of his inbox a month ago. In meantime we migrated the server from version 15.x to 17.x. Usualy i restore the *.grp-files, delete the file "mailbox.cfg", restart the service and everybody will be happy.

Is this still the right way? It looks like, that the grp-files are stil the same as before the update was done. So it looks good to me ;-)


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echoDreamz Replied
None of the grp files were touched as far as I know. Only the old xml files were converted over to json, so the GRP files should be fine to restore.
Martin Schaible Replied
I can confirm, that a restore of older GRP files works as we know from earlier versions.

Kyle Kerst Replied
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Correct! Stop the SmarterMail service, drop in your GRP files, delete the Mailbox.cfg file, then start the service back up and reindex the user for good measure. 
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