Calendar Sharing Permissions are they working right or is it a bug?
Question asked by Antoine Radrizzi - 2/5/2020 at 3:08 AM
I don't know If the behavior of the permissions if you share a calendar is intended or not.
I have multiple groups in the Domain like: Support and All
Some users are in both groups (obvious in "All" every user is).

Now I wanted to share my calendar with the whole company therefore I added the Group "All" with "Read-Only" permission. This is working as intended. But now comes the tricky part. When I then want to give "Full" access to the "Support" group the People who are in both groups will only have "Read-Only" permission. Which should not be. People in "Support" should have "Full" even if they are in "All".

So when the listed permissions of the groups looks like this it wont work as I want because the people in both groups will only have "Read-only" permission:
All - Read-Only
Support - Full

When I then change the order to following it works like it should but i don't want to control every user the whole time if the order is okay:
Support - Full
All - Read-Only

It seems to work like an ACL on a Firewall "First Entry I find for that user I will apply" which is good for an ACL but not for this. :/

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