Event: Domain Disk Space Used not working
Question asked by Leo Novelli - 1/28/2020 at 4:28 PM
There is an event setup to send an email to the domain administrator when the domain's disk space used is greater than 90%. However, it only triggers on certain domains. Other domains which are over the 90% never get an email. Here is how this event is setup:

Event Name: Domain Disk Space Used
Event Status: Enabled
Event Category: Domain
Event Type: Domain Disk Space Used

Condition: Domain Usage (%)
Condition Operator: Greater Than
Value: 90

Action: Send an email
Maximum Frequency: 1 hour
To Address: #primarydomainadmin#
Subject: Domain disk space notification
Message: Your domain #domain# is #domainusagepercent#% full using #domainusagemb# MB of storage. Please have your users delete or archive some of their mail. All mail will be rejected if your domain reaches 100% of storage capacity.

Is there a reason why this event isn't being triggered by all our domains which are using over 90% of disk space?

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Mars _ Replied

encountered the same problem today - new VM Win2019 Standard, SM 7242

I think problem is the 
To Address: #primarydomainadmin# 

If you hop to the next field or try to save the action, SM  marks the primarydomainadmin variable as
"This is not a valid email address"


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