Provide a Setting option to not repeat email footers
Idea shared by TonyCzar - 1/26/2020 at 2:03 PM
Hi.  As per the attached example, SmarterMail generates a footer at the end of every email I create.  Previous versions of SmarterMail gave us a choice in Settings.  I would very much like to see that option again.  Thanks.

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Hi Tony,

I know it's been a couple months since you posted this but I saw you had not received a response yet.  From the image you provided it looks like that is a signature.  You may want to check both your user and domain settings and see if you have a signature configured.  For domain signatures, you should have an option to allow users to override them or not, so check if you have that setting turned on or off as well.  Depending on what version/build of SmarterMail you are on and what the domain signature settings are, you may also be able to select to use no signature at the top of your compose window, like in my screenshot:

The "Emily Ward" option is a user signature and the "Corporate Signature" option is a domain signature.

If you take a look at both your user and domain signatures and don't find anything then it is possible that was configured as a footer.  Can you tell me what version or build you are running?

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