Move Inbox email some folder Build 7269
Problem reported by CTL - 1/21/2020 at 3:23 AM

Here is the situation one of our colleague did change inbox mail to some folder ( More than 2000 email )
Situation 1 
He did the following steps to move emails
Step1: First created "Emials upto Jan 13 2019"
Step2 : Select all email by using select option and moved to specific folder called "Emials upto Jan 13 2019"
Step3: After that noticed the typo error in the folder name and just renamed the folder name as "Emails upto Jan 13 2019" but the folder name not changed properly.
Step4: Click Logout
Step5: Login and check the folder and all email moved properly in the folder "Emails upto Jan 13 2019"
Step6 : Now no items/ emails in the specific folder.

Situation 2 

He deleted all emails from inbox by mistake, then i tried to move the same from deleted items to inbox, but it transmits partially and unable to find out remaining emails in deleted items.  Disk usage almost double size during this changes ?

How can retrieve emails  the above situation  

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