[Build 7262] Rebuild folder toast
Problem reported by Alex Clarke - 1/18/2020 at 5:13 AM
When rebuilding a folder, if you enter a non-existent mailbox (any email address at any domain can be entered here) and/or enter a non-existent folder path, you immediately receive a toast message stating that the rebuild was complete.

It would be great if the email address was validated (similar to the Impersonation feature).

Validation, or a dropdown selection, for the folder path would also be nice to see.

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Alex Clarke Replied
It would also be great if you could rebuild all folders within a mailbox (use the recursive option at the root level).

Hitting the Enter button to confirm the rebuild would be a nice plus too. 
Alex Clarke Replied
Another idea... make the confirmation toast message persistent.

Very often I'll rebuild a folder and then have to either swtich to another screen or tab (maybe even navigate to a different page within the SM admin) and I miss the confirmation toast telling me the rebuild is complete.

If these toasts were persistent (and had to be dismissed by the admin) that would be great.

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