Mail Delivery -Checks and Balances? (Mail not delivering)
Question asked by Tim DeMeza - 1/15/2020 at 11:57 AM
Does anyone know of any way that I can be assured that an email that was sent has actually completed the delivery process?  I think there should be a log of transactions that did not complete.

My issue is that I have sent an email to a client and for all intents and purposes looks like it should have delivered.  

The email was in the SMTP logs and successfully was delivered from my Outlook to the SmarteMail server.

The email was properly archived and looks correct in the archives.

I then went to the Delivery log and the last entry for this email in the delivery log was this line:

[2020.01.15] 00:07:20.448 [09374] RSP: 220 2.0.0 continue

(Literally that was the last entry for ID [09374])

So what I am proposing or asking is, shouldn't there be an exception log when an email that enters the Queue with this line:

[2020.01.14] 00:07:14.103 [05539] Delivery started for Blah@Blah.com at 12:07:14 AM

And never has this closing line:

[2020.01.14] 00:07:26.510 [05539] Delivery finished for Blah@Blah.com at 12:07:26 AM    [id:517863005539]

You could give it a time frame such as if it enters the queue at X time, it needs to be delivered within 30 minutes or the Admin is notified.  It have a report for this.

This scenario scares me to a bit.  We would need to watch every email manually and trace in multiple logs to ensure delivery. I just think there should be a better way.

Thank you.

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Heimir Eidskrem Replied
Normally if an email does not get delivered you get the bounce message.
You will never have full insight to a delivery since the remote server does whatever it will with your email.
You can only see if it gets accepted by the remote server.

This is in the delivery log.
Show what happened to the email.  If it got accepted and delivered.
If that does not happen, you get the bounce message if your server is configured correctly.

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