Email folder cannot access all by thunderbird
Problem reported by Joseph Boo - 12/1/2014 at 8:22 AM
dear sir, my Smartermail version 13. All the email folder in smartelmail l can't see all at my thunderbird in my desktop?
those who l create new email folder l can see it, but those who already create a long time ago, l can't see it at all, l only 
can see all my email folder at my web smartermail. 
Any one here facing a problem with me? l though is a thunderbird problem l try uninstall and install also same. l try to use outlook also facing same problem. 
my currently sleeting email is IMAP.
thank you,
joseph boo

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Steve Reid Replied
Make sure Thunderbird is properly subscribed to the sub folders.
Employee Replied
Employee Post
Hi Joseph,
Is this subfolder nested within your inbox, or is it at the root level?  Most mail clients can have issues with nested subfolders within an inbox.  More information about this problem can be found here:

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