Porting Smartermail to ASP.NET Core
Idea shared by E Nierop - 1/1/2020 at 7:37 AM
Hi All,

I am jst a small company. I don't need exchange capacity. Since I am planning to move to hosting everything in Linux, inclding my asp.net core websites, are there any plans for SmarterMail on Linux too using asp.net core?


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There are several posts that talk about a Linux version of SM (search for “Linux”) and ST have confirmed it is something they plan to work on in the future.

No timings or release date yet. 
Yeah, I bet the SM linux stuff is a ways off, as well as the amount of testing etc. that needs to go into that.
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E Nierop,

As Alex and Chris mentioned, this is something that is on the long-term road map for SmarterMail.  However, at this time there isn't a definitive time frame.  As such, I've marked this thread as Planned.
That is unfortunate. I will move to postfix (or something like that). Cannot wait that long.
SM has plenty of work to do on Windows, let alone a completely new platform :)
<<<E Nierop RepliedToday at 00:12

That is unfortunate. I will move to postfix (or something like that). Cannot wait that long.>>>

Postfix is a complete different thing... If you want to use Linux and have something similar to Smartermail I suggest Zimbra...

We would also love to have SM running on linux, but honestly, before this happens the windows version needs to become stable/usable again and it looks like there is still a lot of work ahead.

We have open tickets for bug fixes that are waiting since a long time because they should be fixed after the MAPI release. However at the moment the MAPI release is not usable in production, so we're kinda stuck in every direction...

Our current customer base don't know about the new MAPI feature yet. They just want the current features they already use to work correctly and be stable.
Thanks but I run it on Raspberry pi :)
Under Raspberry you will never be able to have a working system like Smartermail (or anything else similar).

You need RAM, disk I / O and CPU power for any similar mail system.

Performance that Raspberry (even in its 4 versions) cannot have.
I know. I am self-employed. Not a big company.
E Nierop wrote

<<<I know. I am self-employed. Not a big company.>>>

So why do you ask?

Raspery PI would be enough to handle postfix+dovecot for a small server, but I guess the antivirus/antispam part would need to be relocated outside the raspbery or it would eat all resources.

But that's not the original topic of this thread :)
Just looking for alternate ways to host smartermail. Willing to pay for server but not for VPS
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I know it's still not net core but I have been experimenting with docker windowscore asp-iis images with some success. Maybe I can work some more on that, I know some showed interest in that.
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@E Nierop - Getting a Windows VPS is dirt cheap... We have numerous clients running SM on virtual servers without issues. Our largest customer has around 2500 mailboxes on a SM 15 installation.

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