BETA 7269 : Manage : User Activity/Connections does not show list of logged on users/connections
Problem reported by Ciaran Morgan - 11/27/2019 at 8:47 AM
The Manage / User Activity and Connection views on the web interface are not showing active connections yet the online user account total is correct.

Testing with admin logged in on the web interface and a user logged in via MAPI on an Outlook client.  

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Matt Petty Replied
Employee Post

Just fixed this issue. We also combined MAPI and EWS connections. The reason for this is that a MAPI connection with Outlook will also use EWS and thus could cause some confusion, to reduce this we will be combining them to MAPI/EWS, you'll notice this trend throughout the interface, in fact this was one of areas still seperated. Also fixed an issue with the counts being off when viewing the root system admin page, the view that shows auto-updating counts for User Activity, Connections, Spool count, etc.

You may also notice more than one connection especially when testing shared items in Outlook. This is because MAPI will open seperate connections for each user you have a shared connection to and thus we count them separately.

Will be in the next beta release.
Matt Petty
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Ciaran Morgan Replied
Thanks Matt

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