Change the name of Ticket to Action Item
Question asked by Jay Borromei - 11/15/2019 at 8:50 AM
We refer to tickets as Action Items. Is there a way to globally change to word "Ticket(s)" to "Action Item(s)" both in the management interface and the user portal?

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Derek Curtis Replied
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There's no way to do this via the interface, but it may be possible to modify the translation file. However, the word "tickets" is used throughout the interface, both on the portal as well as within the management interface. In addition, if that works you'd need to replace the translation file with the modified version after each update. 
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Jay Borromei Replied
@Derek, That worked and its amazing. I was able to change everything to use our language for english.

Knowing this file is overwritten at the time of an update is it safe to say I could save my edited version and replace the new one or is that file updated with each version?

Conversely, what are the options for allowing installs to append that file over over writing?
An option to add a function in the system to change the name of "Tickets" may be a useful for others.


Jay Borromei Replied
Also, if there is a better way, like using translatable strings that would work in English, please let me know.

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