Kudos for Build 7236 & 7242
Question asked by Scarab - 11/4/2019 at 12:41 PM
On the Community Forums we frequently post technical issues with SmarterTools products and sometimes even express our displeasure and frustration with the development, however it is rarer when we give thanks for a job well done. Build 7242 of SmarterMail I feel is one of those cases where praise for SmarterTools is well earned.

Friday we got an email alert that there was a critical security issue in the build of SmarterMail we were running and that we were strongly encouraged to upgrade our installation immediately to patch to the newest Build. I probably wouldn't have noticed until sometime this week had I not received the email notice. This was a good call, and very much appreciated (I didn't even notice Build 7236 having been released on Oct 24th!).

After installing the update I thought surely there must be something wrong. Our SmarterMail servers went from an almost constant 100% CPU down to 7% peak on our Gateways and from 100% CPU to 38% peak on our primary server! (SM Avg Hardware Usage report says we were only pushing an avg of 48% normally but Perfmon tells me otherwise). It's like Christmas came early this year! The web interface is so snappy, and for the first time it feels significantly faster than v16 and even v14. We even had a couple of customers this morning comment on how responsive the webmail seems now.

Then, after reading the Release Notes I discovered lots of the miscellaneous issues we've been having since migrating to v17 have been resolved (Hurrah!), and upon poking around found a couple of requests on the Community Threads that made it in that weren't even mentioned in the Release Notes at all (thank you!).

I know it's been a long hard road with all the dramatic changes to SmarterMail over the past two, almost three years, but I feel you've nailed it with this Build and gotten the product to where you always said it would be in time.

Thank you again for such a great product and all the hard work that you do. You deserve a pat on the back for a job very well done.

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Thank you very much for the kind words!
Matt Petty Replied
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Thank you Scarab, we've been having quite the time balancing work in both Current and Beta. Some changes that our beta has received we actually chose to roll back into our pre-beta releases. I can't wait until everyone gets a chance to see some of the expectations like MAPI but we've also made huge improvements in the delivery of messages and the way we lock mailboxes while performing work. Pre-beta moving messages from folder to folder for example was slow... Now? It's unbelievably fast. I really can't wait until our RC Beta is out and people start seeing some of the work we've done behind the scenes not just on MAPI but really on the entire product stack, even webmail is getting a couple new pieces like the new sharing area. There is just so much we've done, thanks for recognizing some of the work we all do here. It's been tough and it's certainly been a long process, a lot longer than some wanted, but we've been working very hard.
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7242 has been good for us overall as well. A few minor issues, but the system overall is stable.

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