Outgoing email is being rejected because of Maximum line length exceeded
Question asked by rick - 10/30/2019 at 10:33 AM
We use Spam Experts for Outgoing email and they're blocking some email because of maximum line length. It looks like the problem is with the X header    X-Filter-ID. It's over 1100 chars.

I can't find what this header is. Anyone know? Is it a SmarterMail header? Can it be removed by SmarterMail?
Looks like this:
X-Filter-ID: Mvzo4OR0dZXEDF/gcnlw0eT2jivapI8P7M2alpZfRhCpSDasLI4SayDByyq9LIhVo9N7XJixh5Ft

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Chris Mayer Replied
do you have allready a solution for that? i don't think it is the spamexperts ID because that is formated correctly and the error tells you not that the header is to long. it only says "550 Maximum line length exceeded". i guess it's the same problem like here:

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