MULTIPLE questions about TASKS ( in comparison with MS TEAMS)
Question asked by Roeland Buisman - 10/15/2019 at 2:15 AM
Good morning, 
I want to change from a current TASK system to SM TRACK (I also use the ticket system) or Microsoft teams. 
When I look into the option in this section Smartertrack seems to be quite limited on the following parts if compared to planner in teams: 

- Drag-drop to change priority
- No overview in calendar or anything alike (only a list)
- No subtasks possibilities 
- No grouping possibilities

Do people have experience with the Tasks section? Are the noticed things correct? Or can I have these feutures somehow? 

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You're correct in that those features are not currently implemented into the Tasks section in SmarterTrack.  Those are definitely some good ideas!  I've submitted them as feature requests for you.

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