Can't Delete emails in Outlook 2019
Problem reported by russell - 9/20/2019 at 2:30 PM
I have just installed Outlook 2019 and find I cannot delete any emails.  Searched and found an answer - in IMAP settings I have to set the option "Mark items for deletion but don't remove them automatically".  The post also said that the problem can be fixed by updating to the latest version of Smarter Mail.  I have done that, but it hasn't fixed the problem.  Is this a Smarter Mail problem with Outlook 2019?

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Shayne Embry Replied
I am finding a similar problem with my Pixel (original version). I have multiple SM accounts configured to use IMAP through the native email app. Since upgrading to SM17 yesterday when I delete email from my Inboxes the messages reappear. I'm not having this problem with IMAP accounts on Outlook on my Dell (still happily using Outlook 2010). Neither am I having the problem with my Gmail hosted accounts on the Pixel.

On top of that I can't access the Trash folder for any IMAP account from my Pixel. I believe this to be the real problem, as any attempt to delete a message results in the phone not being able to place it in the appropriate location and puts it back in the Inbox.

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