Why does email forwarding doesn't work sometimes in smartermail?
Question asked by Kunal Mayekar - 9/17/2019 at 3:29 AM
A mail comes from external domain to ABC@domain email id. A forwarding is set on ABC@domain to forward all the mails of ABC@domain to DEF@domain. Sometimes the forwarding works properly, but sometimes the forwarding doesn't work. This issue happens for only one domain of all the domains configured. I have properlly configured all the settings. Please let me know the exact issue why does this happens sometimes and for only one domain?

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Emily Ward Replied
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Hi Kunal,

What version or build of SmarterMail are you running?
Emily Ward
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Employee Replied
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Hi Kunal.  Edit the domain and check its "Forwarding Exclusion" setting.  Please see my screenshot.

Kunal Mayekar Replied
Hi Emily. I am using smartermail enterprise 15.7 mail server software.

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