SM Build 7188 - Wouldn't install with new IIS site
Problem reported by Merle Wait - 9/8/2019 at 5:47 AM
Just an observance.,..
a.) Tried to install SM_7188 on new computer, new site... et al....
     Win2016 - Standard, 3.5 GHz; 32GB of RAM

b.) Would hang up on , "Wait will we update Windows Configuration"
     -  Set to Free Install.
     - We never, ever .. install anything to C:\drive, so used alternate local drive.
      - Told install to install and create a new site.

c.) After 40 minutes, killed the install.
d.) Set up IIS site, tried again - telling it to use existing site..  - it worked.

Now am struggling with SM will not access website.. (i.e. http://localhost:9998/  ..doesn't work)

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Keevin Fisher Replied
I had the same problem.  SM_7188 won't install.  I got lucky and found that it wouldn't work if you the .msi installer, but it would with the SM_7188.exe installer.

I found that the http://localhost:9998/ doesn't work, and it seems to be deprecated.  Should you want to used the :9998 website, it would install it under IIS with a 9998 binding.  Make sure you have the IIS role installed on your server.  That could resolve your issue.

I really like the new version, but it took a little tweeking to make the migration possible from 15.x and go to the most current version.  I am still doing testing, and it looks very promising.


Sébastien Riccio Replied
I'm not totally sure but if I remember correctly, port 9998 was when SmarterMail was installing a built-in web server. so it doesn't conflict with an already present IIS config.

Sébastien Riccio
System & Network Admin

Merle Wait Replied
Understand the port 9998 .. but the true issue was that it just "stalled" with the initial install.
It wasn't difficult to go around it.. but if I was a new user... not sure what I would have done.
Thanks Keevin & Sébastien  for the update.  

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