Emails from gmail don't arrive
Problem reported by Carlos Ramon Garcia Enriquez - 9/7/2019 at 9:24 AM
Hi, we are migrating the server, we get a windows 2019, we install version 7164 and we receive emails from any server, but from gmail the emails do not arrive, check the logs and there is no rejection information or some kind of contact between the servers, if I send emails to gmail if they arrive

I have correctly configured the rDNS and the mx, dkim, spf in the DNS, I know that this configuration is correct because that domain is receiving emails correctly on the old server.

I just updated to the version released yesterday 7188 and the problem was not resolved

any suggestions?

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Linda Pagillo Replied
Hi Carlos. do the senders receive an NDR/bounce? If yes, can you please post the bounce here. Thanks.
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