Domain Disk Usage Summary Report
Question asked by Russ Miller - 8/1/2019 at 11:47 AM
In prior versions of SmarterMail, I would have an automated monthly emailed report showing each domain's disk usage. With my recent upgrade to v17, I can no longer find this report feature. Did this get moved or did that feature get dropped?

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Tony Scholz Replied
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The Custom Reports and Scheduled Email Reports options were removed in SmarterMail 16 (16.0.6345 (May 16, 2017)) and newer. We found that less than 5% of the our users were using it. The Disk Usage information can still be grabbed at the domain level.

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Ben Replied
Is the domain disk usage report likely to come back? 

I've got an alert saying my data drive is nearly full, but no quick and easy way to check which domain(s) is causing it...
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Hi Ben, 

You can see the disk usage for each domain on the Manage page.  You should have a Disk Usage column on the far right that you can sort by.
Ben Replied
Well I never! 

Haha, I'm always on mobile and never scrolled across that far, thank you! 

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