iMap Mail Clients not syncing all emails with server
Problem reported by Jason Earle - 7/29/2019 at 5:36 AM
We are running the latest version of SmarterMail Build 7125 and some users are running into issues with the iMap clients (Outlook, iOS and MacOS Mail) not syncing all emails with the server. Most emails do come through, however there are several emails which are on the server as unread but they do not show in the mail clients. 

My personal account I noticed this as well this morning. I use MacOS mail and never thought nothing of it. I went into webmail this morning to do a message archive search and when I logged into my account I could see I had unread emails. Once I clicked on inbox there were 4 emails over the past 2 weeks that never showed in MacOS Mail or iOS mail, one of which was an invoice from a vendor which I had been waiting on.

I have had several other Outlook clients reporting the same issue as well as many iPhone users stating they could not get emails on their phones but the emails were in their webmail. Can someone please advise if this is a bug or something I am doing on my end?

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Jason Earle Replied
Also as a note, I have noticed an email come in on my MacOS mail client and then before I can click on it, it disappears and never comes back. When I login to Webmail, the email is there in my inbox.
IT Admin Replied
We're facing the same issue since we deployed build 7125.

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