Smartermail build 7125 trusted domain mail went spam folder
Problem reported by CTL - 7/21/2019 at 10:08 PM

I did configure one of our client email as trusted sender list, the domain trusted in top of serve as well domain level. Similarly the domain IP in white listed still the domain email either junk folder or deleted in email after excessive spam weight ie above 30 ,  Let me know how can adjust the setup for inbox receipt of email.


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John Marx Replied
We have this problem all the time on occasion. It has gotten better. A lot we've found is related to the headers not being fully in-place when received (e.g. something is different which causes it to fail). We just tell everyone daily to just double check their spam. It's not often but it does save a heartache.
Kyle Kerst Replied
Employee Post
Trusted Senders are still subject to SPF/RDNS checks to prevent spammers using your list of trusted users to deliver spam to your inbox directly. As such, the majority of the time these issues are caused by a problem with DNS lookups, and I would start there. Check the Delivery/SMTP logs for signs that lookups are failing, and you can test for resolution by temporarily switching to another or public DNS server.
Kyle Kerst
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