When adding ports for TLS and Non TLS Connections
Question asked by Vince Russo - 7/8/2019 at 12:13 PM
When adding ports for TLS and Non TLS Connections.
I understand you go to the ports section. 
So I want to use both non encrypted and SSL/TLS for connections to the server.
Do I need entries for non encrypted, SSL and TLS.
My question is: Do you enter more than one entry for each type of connection.

When I go to the bind them in the ip address section, it says cant select the same port more than once.

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Hi Vince.  In the case of port 25, you would only enable port 25/TLS.  SmarterMail would use a non-TLS connection to any mail servers not supporting TLS.
Vince Russo Replied
Would that be the same for POP 110 and IMAP 143?
Vince Russo Replied
Also should anything be using SSL anymore or should everything be TLS.
As you can see in my above screenshot, I have 2 entries for all ports, TLS and Non encrypted.
I started adding SSL and TLS as well.

Kyle Kerst Replied
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Vince, when adding POP/IMAP ports you'll add them like this:

Port: 143

Port: 993

Port: 110

Port: 995

This prevents the warning regarding having two ports with the same port number, and these are the default port numbers chosen by mail clients when setting up a mail account.
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Vince Russo Replied
OK, Great!

I have removed the duplicates and adjusted the current ports.

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