Current IDS Blocks Blacklist - Where do I see them?
Question asked by Stefano - 6/27/2019 at 5:33 AM
Hi guys,

I have blacklisted some IPs from the Current IDS Blocks list on SM 17.
Where do I see that IPs that I have blacklisted? I don't find it.


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Scarab Replied
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You can find blacklisted IPs under SETTINGS > SECURITY > BLACKLIST. Items blacklisted from the IDS Block page have the description "IDS BLOCK" whereas items blacklisted from the Spool page have the description "Blocked from Spool Dashboard" or "Blocked from Spool Overview" or "Block from Spool Dashboard" (not sure why there are three different descriptions for the later but I'm suspecting it has been grammatically changed across minor versions).

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