How can I apply content filter rules before a message is forwarded?
Question asked by Etienne Wilderink - 5/13/2019 at 5:57 AM
I have added a content filter that prepends the subject of every incoming message and then forwards it to another local account. In contrast to a Rerouting rule (routing on protocol level), I assumed that all the rules in the content filter would be applied to the message and after that it would be copy-forwarded to the configured forward-address. However, the message is forwarded before the other actions in the filter are applied.

The following configuration does not add the Subject text to the forwarded message, but only to the local stored message. Is my configuration incorrect or is there another solution for this kind of message modifications (like adding a header)? We would like to add a header to some of the messages (depending on the settings at the intermediate account) before they are forwarded to a trunk account (used by our Helpdesk software).

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Tony Scholz Replied
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I am looking in to this to see how this is designed to run and will follow up with you once I have some additional information. This filter also has an option to add a "Header". 

Thank you
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