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Question asked by Ben Conner - 5/12/2019 at 4:39 PM

I use a custom log post-processor to strip out pieces of useful information and have a question about something in the SMTP log.  I see a number of examples similar to:

senderEmail(1): fjran6vcao6if569nr1t1wrg6igj2tt3-b@enews.monogramonline.com parsed using: <fjran6vcao6if569nr1t1wrg6igj2tt3-b@enews.monogramonline.com>
senderEmail(2): monogramonline@enews.monogramonline.com parsed using: =?UTF-8?Q?Monogram=20Online?= &lt;monogramonline@enews.monogramonline.com&gt;

Many incoming emails have only one line with the 'parsed using:' phrase in it, but many have more than one.  Can someone shed light on the difference between the two and what they indicate?



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Kyle Kerst Replied
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Ben, I believe what you're seeing here is a byproduct of SRS (Sender Rewrite Scheme) adjusting the from address to account for the forwarding it has undergone: 

Do you have SRS enabled under Settings>Antispam>Options? The toggle you're looking for here is the Enable SRS when forwarding messages setting. More information about this setting from our help is found here: 

  • Enable SRS when forwarding messages - Enable this to allow the mail server to re-email (as opposed to "forward") an email message so that it passes any SPF checks on the recipient's end.
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Ben Conner Replied
Hi Kyle,
Thanks for replying.  Wasn't aware of that and no, I don't have that enabled.  
If my intent is to find the email address of the original sender and I encounter something like this, would a reasonable approach be just to take the first one I find?


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