Calendar update problem when unsetting options like Reminder and Private
Problem reported by Etienne Wilderink - 5/10/2019 at 1:06 PM
Using SmarterMail 100.0.7068, Outlook 16.25 for Mac and a trial version of EWS and ActiveSync.

After adding a new calendar event, it is impossible to change the reminder to 'None' and/or toggle the Private mark off. After a few seconds the changes are reversed.

This happens in Outlook and Web, but I think the source of the problem is at a higher server level because it also happens when I create an event in a web-only account and try to change it afterwards.

Also when I change multiple fields at once (Subject and Reminder for example), the subject is changed but the Reminder setting is reversed after a while.

When I create a new item, set the reminder to 'None' and save it, the setting is preserved. It looks like empty/false values are not synced properly.

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