Advanced Search - Sort Order changes do not stick
Problem reported by Serge Baranovsky - 4/30/2019 at 1:05 PM
(Running the latest ST build 7054)

This is something I've been bringing up over the years through multiple versions of SmarterTrack. And this is the one most annoying things about ST as well as the productivity killer.

Not sure if the default sort order in Advanced Search works of anyone else, it sure doesn't work for us! I don't care what the sort order criteria are and how intelligent and sophisticated it is, the sort order comes the same as random for our setup. 

To make it worse, the main point of this post, the sort order changes we make after we search (and we use Advanced Search all day long), it only works for that one time. The next time we search, it is reset to the default and we have to change that darn sort order over and over again!

Our preferred sort order for Advanced Search is Idle in Ascending order - we want to see the most recent first, always!

I have complained about the sort order changes not sticking for several years now. And you guys have fixed that a few times already. Most of the time you said it was fixed, it really was and worked for a while (until the next update if I remember correctly). 

This time, instead of asking you to save the order changes to cookies like in the past, would it be an option to have a feature allowing to redefine the default search order on either personal or organization level? Or something that would enable us to override the ST default sort order?


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