How to automatically move/archive messages from a selected folder to another?
Question asked by Neal Culiner - 4/30/2019 at 9:35 AM
I want to retain my deleted items for a period of time and I'm concerned with settings in a mail client such as Mac Mail with IMAP where it purges deleted items after a month unless you remember to change that. When setting up multiple computers it's very easy to miss and I want a system in place to archive content I want/need to retain for a longer period of time.

I googled smartermail archiving and really can't figure out how or where to do such a task. I'm using SM 17 Enterprise (latest version). Can someone offer any tips on how to take any selected folder and archive it whether it's a move or copy operation based on age of items, i.e. two weeks old?

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Hi Neal,

There are a couple features of SmarterMail that could apply here.  Leveraging the Folder Auto-clean Feature would have the results on your deleted item folder you're looking for.  When configuring auto-clean you can select the size of the folder you'd like to maintain, or a period of mail you'd like to retain. Any emails in the folder that are outside of those parameters are removed.  For example emails older than X amount of days.  When you have a moment, take a look at the Knowledge Base article Configure the Folder Auto-clean Feature.

If you are running the Enterprise edition you can setup archiving. Once enabled for a domain by the system administrator all emails that reach the spool are archived.  This is often used within industries that have record keeping retention guidelines that they must follow. If you're interested in adding archiving to your domain you would first Enable Message Archiving.  For future reference, once you've established the archive this article will guide you in Using Message Archive Search.

I hope this helps!

Neal Culiner Replied
Thanks but I'm looking for more of a rule against a folder that can move items of a specific age i.e. older than X days to Y folder. I may want to create a folder named Deleted Message Archive and then apply a rule on the Deleted Messages folder that moves items 14 days or older to the selected archive folder. I don't want items at the time of spooling to be moved. I want this capability based on age of messages.
Kyle Kerst Replied
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Neal, unfortunately Message Archiving won't allow you to archive only the deleted items folders. Instead; Message Archiving allows you to set up rules for Inbound messages, outbound messages, or both. As such, you may need to use a more manual process in this case. I recommend reviewing the robocopy script below which can be used to take a 1:1 copy of whatever folder you desired, without locking critical files in SmarterMail. I recommend you set up a batch file to fire nightly that will call a robocopy command script for each user you want a backup of the Deleted Items for: 

robocopy [source] [destination] /MIR /ZB /R:1 /W:3
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