Cyren Premium AV - Is it working? How to read report?
Question asked by Tim DeMeza - 4/26/2019 at 6:15 AM
The Cyren AntiSpam seems to work, or at least according to the reports it seems to work.  However, I NEVER see anything on this report.  Even though I have quarantined virus emails.  I really want to know, how do you read this report and how do I know Cyren is doing anything at all?

I think I understand a "Confirmed Virus" , what is High, Medium, Non-Virus and Unknown?   Also, does Cyren or any other tool help with Phishing attacks?  Is there anything that verifies URL's and Links?

Thank you.  Please see my screen shot below:

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Tim DeMeza Replied
Anyone?  I really think this is a junk report.  No documentation and what does it mean?  Or.. Am I just a complete idiot and it makes perfect sense to everyone else? 
viv burrows Replied
We gave up on Cyren, we couldn't see any evidence it worked

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