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Question asked by Cory Coddington - 4/25/2019 at 6:29 AM
Am I missing something here? I have smartermail enterprise. When I go to shared resources under my domain, the only thing I can share is Calendar and Conference rooms. I would like to share peoples inbox with managers. If I go under the user account, the guides posted online say to go to My Shared resources which does not exist on my installation.

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Andrea Free Replied
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Hi Cory, 

Sorry about the confusion! There must be some documents still referencing the old way of sharing, and we'll need to get rid of those. It looks like we have the correct documentation here: http://help.smartertools.com/SmarterMail/current/Topics/User/SharingResources.aspx.  
To share an email folder, you'll go to the Email section. Then right-click on the folder and select Edit Mapped Folder. 

Then, click on the Sharing tab and add the users and/or User Groups that should have access to the folder. 

The users you share the folder with will then go to their Email section, click on the hamburger menu in the bottom left corner, and click Map Folder.

They can then add a friendly name to the folder and Attach it. 

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


Cory Coddington Replied
I cant believe I right clicked on the folder no less than 10 times and never saw that. Thank you.

Anne Campbell Replied
Make sure you are on latest build otherwise it may not work there are alot of bugs with the sharing feature.

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