Client asking what our MIME character sets and Non-MIME character sets are
Question asked by Antoin Currie - 4/15/2019 at 1:50 AM
Hi there,
A client we send mail to is having some encoding issues in the mails when they receive them.  For e.g. random '!' exclamation marks in the email body.
They're asking me what our MIME character sets and Non-MIME character sets are.  but I can't see anything like that in the smartermail dashboard.
We run smartermail via IIS, which has UTF-8 set in the machine.config file for ASP.net and we have a bunch of MIME type extensions specified in IIS also, don't think this is what he is asking for though. I think he is assuming we are using MS Exchange. 
Does anyone know what the equivalent in Smartermail is?

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Scarab Replied
MIME and Non-MIME character sets (not to be confused with IIS MIME Types) are used when an email does not have it's own character set defined. I believe the default MIME character set for SM webmail is iso-8859-1 ("Western European ISO"). This is defined in webmail under each user's "SETTINGS > ACCOUNT > WEBMAIL > Text Encoding". There are 36 different MIME characters sets that can be selected from. 

If an email is being sent or read in an email client then the email client determines the MIME character set if it is not defined in the email. SM doesn't add or modify a MIME character set to an email that is received or sent through it using an email client.
Antoin Currie Replied
Thanks for the info Scarab, very insightful

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