SmarterMail vs Exchange vs Gmail Comparison Chart
Question asked by Joe Davis - 3/27/2019 at 11:21 AM
Hi all,

I've been a SmarterMail user for years and I have a handful of clients using it. I'm finally starting to look at selling it as an upgrade option for my hosting clients and others. 

With the prevalence of Office 365 Exchange and GMail, I am wondering if anyone has put together a comparison chart showing how SmarterMail is a good alternative?


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echoDreamz Replied
The biggest reason people come to us from Gmail is because they dont trust gmail, they dont like google reading their email etc.

Many clients also appreciate the lower cost of SmarterMail when compared to O365 and once we get MAPI, SmarterMail will finally be real competition (in terms of capability) to Exchange.
Joe Davis Replied
Thanks for your response. I'm sold on SmarterMail, I'm just trying to compile a side-by-side feature chart that shows that people get a lot more for a lot less money when using SmarterMail. If anyone has anything like that and would mind sharing, it'd be appreciated.


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