Use the default time zone consistently
Idea shared by Old American Services LLC - 3/27/2019 at 7:44 AM
With the global user default set as shown:
And the domain user default set as shown:
I create a new user, which gets the time zone as shown:
However, on first login to webmail, it defaults to:

The inconsistency does not make sense...I set a default, please use the default!

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I was walking somebody through the first login on webmail yesterday too and they said the same thing - the time zone was not set to the proper (default) setting.  Our new user default is EST, our server is EST, I'm in EST, the person I was talking to was in EST, and yet their time zone was something else when first logging into the webmail.  I'm pretty sure this is a bug?

Definitely looks like a bug, and is fully repeatable. 
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Hi Bradford,

There's one more screenshot I'd like to see.  Are you able to capture the time zone settings on the PC that was used? 


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