AddTicketTimeLog: "The specified category does not exist in the system."
Question asked by Tim Winkelmann - 3/20/2019 at 7:40 AM

I am trying to use the API to add Time Logs to tickets.
The following field is mandatory in the AddTicketTimeLog API Call: timeLogCategoryID

However, I do not have any Time Log Categories on my SmarterTrack installation, so I cannot give a valid value and always get the following error: The specified category does not exist in the system.

Adding Time Logs from the UI and not selecting a category works fine. See screenshot (in French but you get the idea):

  • How Can I add Time Logs from the API without specifying a category ?
  • Or, if that is not possible, how do I create a category ? I couldn't find a way to create new categories from the admin panel settings.

Best regards
Tim Winkelmann

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