Use Web API to keep anti-spam area up to date without new builds required (Live Update)
Idea shared by Neal Culiner - 2/13/2019 at 11:12 AM
Imagine your anti-spam area is a live system that polls ST for anti-spam updates. Instead of shipping anti-spam configs with builds, download them from ST using Web API. Imagine you push out 6970 with bad settings, as happened. Now you want to update them? I mentioned in another thread having a web page that always has the latest but why not make this one better and hook up a Web API polling system that checks for updates automatically? Then you can blend in the other suggestions I made such as each anti-spam row you can see what's out of date, DIFF the latest vs. the current settings, revert, update, etc. 

With the tech of today you can really improve the Live Update capability of anti-spam settings. Not hard to do and something that would benefit all and not require so new builds just to update anti-spam settings as an example. 

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100% agree and we would use it. To take care of those that want to not update automatically have a switch to say use Live Update for Anti-spam, Anti-virus, Anti-whatever, etc. This way we can easily turn on/off those options at the server level. Domains can already override (if given permission to do so).
We would use this.  I don't want to have to update SM all of the time (baby sit it) But it would be nice to have some settings like this to automatically update for things like best practices.  I submitted something like this a few years ago. Will have to track it down.

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