SM v17/100: Webmail contacts not from user mailbox. They reappear after adding new contact.
Problem reported by Webio - 2/12/2019 at 6:20 AM

I have very weird situation reported by multiple customers (some of them are returning with this problem). Basically in webmail clients see not their contacts. Solution for this problem is to add new contact and everything is returning to normal (old contacts reappear and not user contacts are gone).

I've downloaded CSV file from clients contacts using impersonate while he had someone else contacts, added new contact and downloaded CSV contacts file from webmail again. They are completely different.

Based on not users contacts CSV file I've started to search for one of them agains other domains folder-*.json files and I found one mailbox.

My observations:
  • both mailboxes have the same prefix (kontakt@.....)
  • both user folder-.....json files have the same name (folder-20008.json)
  • proper contacts appear after adding new contact and bad ones are gone after this operation
Does someone experienced similar issue?


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Wesley Hendrickx Replied

I can confirm a rather same issue. The contacts first disappear from the activesync connected devices and when logging in into the webmail the contacts are not visible. 
After adding a dummy contact in the web interface they become visible again and the activesync devices refresh their contacts as well. This keeps on going multiple times a day.

In the activesync logs I do not see any sever errors which could cause this issue...
Webio Replied
In my scenario affected mailboxes had activesync disabled and users which are using them use webmail mostly (that's why they see contacts issues).
Webio Replied
I have another few clients with this problem. Some are returning and some are new.

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