virus_blocker message shows in web UI when users try to access an attachment
Question asked by Ben Conner - 2/4/2019 at 2:01 PM

I have a subset of users on one domain who are getting an error I've never seen before and cannot duplicate.  These clients all use the web UI in SM.  They get an email in, and try to open/download the attachment.  When they do the following pops up:


This site is blocked because it contains a virus.
Host: mail.<their domain>.com
Reason: null
Please contact Ben Conner    

Steps I've taken:
  1. I've used their accounts to log in with Firefox, Chrome and IE on a Win 10 workstation.  No issue found.
  2. Disabled AV on the mail server itself, then uninstalled it.
  3. Forwarded emails they had to myself and opened the attachments with no problem.
The message is in the email pane (rightmost pane) on the screen.  
It isn't all their users who are experiencing this, but for those that are it is 100%.  

I've looked at the .aspx file mentioned in the message.  The datestamp on it is from 2016, and the file is actually a text file.  Looking at it suggests nothing unusual.  

Has anyone seen this before?  The next step would be to do an upgrade to the current version which I will try before the week is out.  The version this is on is SM 14.5.



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Matt Petty Replied
Employee Post
This might be caused by the network or clients of your customer. Especially since you can hit it no problem, I'd check to see what the organisation uses for their Security Stack, AV network filters, Client AV software.

We actually had an issue internally like this recently with sessions appearing to be broken in SM. We narrowed down the cause, our network AV filter was catching the bad data in-flight and stopping the connection to the server.
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