Cannot Delete a Shared Resource
Problem reported by Joe Dellaragione - 1/11/2019 at 7:37 AM
Back in SM 16 I was playing around with Shared Resources and created an account called "managerconfroom".  I then logged into it and created a shared calendar called "Manager's Conference Room". It never worked well so I never used it but it remained there. Today, I upgraded to SM17 and I notice shared resources/calendars are MUCH better now and no longer rely on Sharepoint. So I ntocied when I started outlook this shared calendar "Manager's Conference Room" magically showed up in outlook. However since I no longer want it I DELETED the account "managerconfroom" but the shared calendar is still there. If I go to outlook and right click it and click DETATCH nothing happens. It's like its stuck there. How can I force this to go away? I am on the latest build. 

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Robert Emmett Replied
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Joe, how are you connecting your account with Outlook.  You mentioned that you are not using SharePoint.  Are you using ActiveSync instead or the CalDavSynchronizer plugin?
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