Thursday = Autumn or is Autumn now Thursday?
Problem reported by John Marx - January 2 at 1:49 PM
Digging more into 17 as I have completely dropped Outlook for webmail as it's speed is much better. 

I am noticing that Thu shows as Autumn in both week and month views. I am using no languages or anything beyond English.

When I change months/days it is Thu for a brief second and then overwritten with Autumn.

Looking at the CSS I see nothing abnormal other than the word Autumn being physically written.

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Robert Emmett Replied
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John, I am not seeing that behavior in our production nor test environments.  Are you perchance running any custom code?  Does it August show when changing between months or weeks?  The calendar in SM16 and SmarterMail uses a third-party plugin: FullCalendar.js.  It controls displaying weekdays.  We simply instruct it to use whichever of its language file matches the user setting.
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John Marx Replied
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I tried in other browsers and it wasn't happening. After some checks, a plugin for Hootsuite is causing the problem. I've disabled it for now and reporting to them that it's manipulating other sites which is definitely not a good thing.
Andrea Rogers Replied
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Thanks for providing an update, John! I'm going to mark this thread as Not a Problem since you found your Hootsuite plugin to be causing the problem. 

Andrea Rogers
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