SM v16 / GoDaddy Mail Relay Server / Host Name vs. IP Address
Problem reported by Douglas Brantley - 12/31/2018 at 11:07 AM
GoDaddy requires all outgoing mail from a server via SMTP Port 25 to use a dedicated mail relay server.
GoDaddy has a single host name for the dedicated mail relay server:  dedrelay.secureserver.net.
GoDaddy performs load balancing on SMTP traffic to dedrelay.secureserver.net.
GoDaddy performs a round robin between two ID Addresses:
GoDaddy then assigns a specific mail relay host depending on where your mail server is located.
GoDaddy assigned mail relay host example:   p3plsmtpout001.prod.phx3.secureserver.net

SmarterMail configuration titles a mail relay server as a Gateway.
SmarterMail configuration does not allow the entry of a host name for a Gateway.
SmarterMail configuration requires an IP Address for a Gateway.
SmarterMail configuration allows multiple Gateway IP Addresses.

On our server (a GoDaddy Virtural Private Server)...
SmarterMail is configured with two Gateways.
Each Gateway is using the one of the above IP Addresses.

Reality Check: Is any of the above incorrect or incomplete?

Question: Is there a super secret method to configure SmarterMail with a mail relay host name?

Historical:  In the past GoDaddy assigned a specific relay server host name to each VPS or Dedicated Server.

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Sébastien Riccio Replied

We have on our SmarterMail 16 set a hostname for our outgoing gateway.

In Settings -> Gateways / Failover -> Outgoing

I'm not sure here why you think you can only set an IP address.

However our gateway hostname points to a single host and is not round-robin to different hosts. I have no idea if this will correctly work. I am assuming it should if SM does the hostname lookup correctly.

Kind regards.

Sébastien Riccio System & Network Admin https://swisscenter.com
echoDreamz Replied
SM needs this natively within itself, rotate automatically on a range of IPs or a specific set of IPs (without the need of x number of SM installs).
Douglas Brantley Replied
The SM 16 documentation states you must enter the IP Address of the Gateway.
There is no mention of the option to enter the host name (mail.whaterever.org).

Is this a Double Super Secret Option to enter the host name as a Gateway?

echoDreamz Replied
We've used hostnames for gateways for many many many years without issues.
echoDreamz Replied
We've used hostnames for gateways for many many many years without issues.

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