Is it possible to have the system add a default comment to a ticket triggered by a system event?
Question asked by Mio - 11/27/2014 at 9:06 PM
We want to inform just the agent that is going to answer the ticket to be careful in their answers to certain users (their emails trigger the system event). I know that I can send an email, but that would have to go to all agents, which is not an option.

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         I don't think this is possible, you could however, attach a comment to a user by:
1. Go to ticket user is attached to, or find user in Setup -> Organizations -> Users
2. Click on their email address
3. Click add at top of the User Details page.
Let me know if this just doesn't work and we could put this as a feature request. 
Andrea Free Replied
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You could also try creating an event for Ticket Created. Set the customer's email address on the Conditions tab. For the Actions, choose Use Default Notification Profile for User. Then customize the email that gets sent to the agent that gets assigned the ticket.
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