Question asked by Daniel Lavida - 12/20/2018 at 2:26 PM
Hello my name is Daniel.
I don't write english very well but I will be trying.
A few days ago an account of our company began to send too many emails spam according the following picture:

Therefore thanks to this, the smartermail announces me "EMAIL THROTTLING" in each one of our parteners account, so none of them after of this important announcement could send emails.
We fixed this problem reducing the outgoing mail limit for this specific account or specific person, but the problem still there, because this account still continues send spam emails, few, but continues. Also the other problem is that We cant see this  spam outgoing mail, because in the outbox there are no the "so-called spam emails".

Please. Is there some solution or option to find this spam emails o block this emails? Thank You Very Much

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Daniel, there is an IDS rule that you can create on your system called "Internal Spammer".  It will allow you to Notify an administrator, block the sender, or quarantine the messages.  You can specify how many messages within a certain time frame will trigger the block and how long you want the block / quarantine to be in affect.  It is located in System Admin > Settings > Security > IDS Rules.  Below is an example of a rule you could set.  Tailor it to your system and mail usage.

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