Dedicated Bounced email report
Idea shared by Jay Altemoos - 12/18/2018 at 8:56 AM
Is there anything on the horizon for a report we can run for bounced emails in a given date? I think this would be extremely handy for finding user accounts that have been compromised and the spammer is sending small amounts of spam out. Which in turn fly's under the radar of rules setup to trap sending too many emails in a given time period.

The trend I have been seeing lately is spammers are sending low amounts of spam per IP in small chunks and in turn they can continue to send spam for longer because it's not caught right away. The only way I ever find out about this is when one of my users call our office to let us know they are getting a bunch of bounce-back emails they never sent. So checking the SMTP log and the Message traffic for the user I at least can see what damage has been done. I really think it would be helpful to have a report that you can run either by domain or specific user to see what has bounced in a given time period and by IP if possible instead of having to sift through a long list in the delivery &SMTP log. Plus we can only specify 1 query at the top for either of those.

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