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Question asked by Andy Therkildsen - 12/15/2018 at 5:06 PM
Question:   I can't find anything on this maybe someone can help me locate a reason why some messages are marked:  "Delivery for sender@domain.com to recipient@mydomain.com has completed (Deleted) Filter: None"
1.  Message never shows up in user inbox recipient@mydomain.com.
Here is a full Delivery log:

[2018.12.15] 02:48:41 [07377] Delivery started for noreply@dmarc.yahoo.com at 2:48:41 AM
[2018.12.15] 02:48:53 [07377] Spam check results: [_REVERSEDNSLOOKUP: passed], [_COMMTOUCH: 12,Bulk], [_INTERNALSPAMASSASSIN: 0:0], [_SPF: None], [_DK: None], [_DKIM: Pass], [_CUSTOMRULES: ], [BARRACUDA BRBL: passed]
[2018.12.15] 02:48:56 [07377] Starting local delivery to dmarc@mydomain.com
[2018.12.15] 02:48:56 [07377] Delivery for noreply@dmarc.yahoo.com to dmarc@mydomain.com has completed (Deleted) Filter: None
[2018.12.15] 02:48:56 [07377] End delivery to dmarc@mydomain.com
[2018.12.15] 02:48:56 [07377] Delivery finished for noreply@dmarc.yahoo.com at 2:48:56 AM    [id:-44779407377]

We do delete messages if spam weight is too high:
".....has completed (Deleted) Filter: Spam (Weight: 52), Action (Global Level): Delete"

or if its a content filter, logs would show me which one removed it:
".....has completed (Deleted) Filter: Internal Blocked Senders"

This one I can't figure out:
".....has completed (Deleted) Filter: None"

I did check and didn't find any Content Filters called "None".

Thanks for your help.

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Andy Therkildsen Replied
Here is an interesting one:
[2018.12.17] 02:21:42 [74903] Delivery for noreply@dmarc.yahoo.com to dmarc@mydomain.com has completed (Deleted) Filter: Spam (Weight: 12), Action (Global Level): MoveToFolder Junk E-Mail

Message is not in Junk E-Mail folder.
Andy Therkildsen Replied
Trusted senders doesn't seem to help much:

[2018.12.17] 01:02:27 [74323] Skipping spam filtering: Trusted Sender (user level)
[2018.12.17] 01:02:27 [74323] Delivery for noreply@dmarc.yahoo.com to dmarc@mydomain.com has completed (Deleted) Filter: None

Matt Petty Replied
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If you see Filter: None, then nothing special was performed and it should be a normal inbox delivery to the user.
Matt Petty
Software Developer
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278
Andy Therkildsen Replied
I would agree, but the message is not there.  Please note (Deleted) status in delivery log confirming message was removed for some reason.
Andrea Free Replied
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Hi Andy, 

The Maintenance and Support on your SmarterMail license entitles you to free technical support. I've started a ticket with our support team to troubleshoot this issue directly. When we've determined the problem, we can update this thread to inform anyone else that's experiencing this. 

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


Andy Therkildsen Replied
Great Support!  just told me to upgrade to SM16 and closed my ticket :(

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