How to use the API (v14.1.6813.13079)?
Question asked by Colin Santry - 12/10/2018 at 4:55 AM
Hi, I have been given the task to integrate our software into SmarterTrack, i.e. allow users to log/create tickets directly to our smartertrack instance.

Initially I have been trying to call the endpoint 'svcTickets' and invoke the 'GetTicketCounts_Global' method as a simple test.

At the moment I don't receive any response whatsoever. I have used the following thread as a starting point as I found no other relevant posts as yet:


Using the sample app contained in the post, I attempt to call the svcTickets endpoint stated above but I receive an HTTP500 (Internal Server Error) response.

I'm assuming I cannot use the sample app as a starting point? Or is there another issue I am not aware of?

Is there a guide available to enable me to accomplish the task of submitting tickets from our application?

Thanks in advance,


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